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9 Significant Features of Samsung Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III text logoLets discuss some of the most significant features of Samsung Galaxy S III which you definitely won’t find in every smartphone. The phone does everything what its predecessor does, It runs on the latest Android OS – ICS 4.0.4, It has got the same 8 MP camera but improved its software features and included burst mode which selects the best photo clicked. It has got the AMOLED Screen which now has more denser pixels. It has that same GPU which Samsung Galaxy S II had – Mali-400MP and some additional sensors like RGB and barometer; though Galaxy Note has barometer sensor in-built.

1. Super AMOLED HD Display

The display is not more sharper, more crispier, and more denser. Earlier Galaxy S II had 4.3 inch screen with resolution of 480×800 pixels and now Its been increased to 720×1280 pixels and screen size is now 4.8 inches. One more significant display feature of SIII is that it has Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

2. S Voice (Like Siri for iPhone 4S)

galaxy s III s voice

Heard of Siri? It works quite same as that. It will be limited to Galaxy S III only, alternatives to S Voice/ Siri for Android are Vlingo, Iris, etc. You can tell GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes and let yourself sleep a bit more. Answer your phone (or reject a call), turn your music up (or down), and even tell the camera when to shoot (via:official site).

3. Smart Stay

According to Samsung, The screen won’t turn off while you are reading anything on S III. The smart eye will automatically recognize when you are looking at the phone. It will make easier for us to read a book or reading anything while browsing. Definitely Awesome feature.

4. Direct Call

galaxy s III  direct call

Want to call a person while texting? Just put the phone near your ears and it will dial the number. As simple as that. Now you don’t have to go to home screen and open dialer and dial the number. Simply amazing, isn’t it? I am somehow sure that it uses proximity sensor which turns off the screen while attending a call. But will it dial if we cover its proximity sensor by our finger?

5. S Beam

galaxy s III S Beam

If you have to send a photo, song or video to a friend, how will you send it? Most probably, you will think of bluetooth, whatsapp or emails. Samsung has innovated a new feature called S Beam. With S Beam, what you have to do is just put the backs of your phones together. I hope its not like Bump which uses internet connection. Most probably, It will use NFC to transfer data via S Beam. Note: both phones have to be Galaxy S III.

6. Pop Up Play

galaxy s III pop up play

With Galaxy S III, you won’t miss anything while watching a movie or song video. Using Pop up play you can watch a video while texting, browsing, etc. Its great fun to do that and you can even resize it and drag it anywhere on the 4.8 inch giant screen.

7. Smart Alert

galaxy s III  smart alert

Samsung galaxy S III will only inform/ notify you when you come back to your phone. Samsung GALAXY S III knows you came back and gives you a brief vibrating nudge to inform you about missed calls and new messages.

8. All Share Play

Share your content on various devices DLNA or WiFi. It gives you remote access to documents and multimedia files while working on other devices.

9. Social Tag

galaxy s III social tag

Social tag lets you link the faces in your photo album with their social media streams. Once it’s set, all you have to do is look at their pictures and you’ll see their current status appear.

Update: How can I forget “Wireless Charging“? This is one of the most innovative feature. Include that too in the list. 🙂

By Anil

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