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Addictive, Free and Offline Games for Android


You might have number of Games in your Android phone (or tablet) but you cannot play every game at just anytime. There are some games which are meant for crushing time, loads instantly and you can play & leave them instantly. Here they are:

5. Candy Crush

I think every girl plays this game. Boys also play but girls’ have majority. This is like a never ending game where you have to crush candies, and complete levels. It’s frustrating many a times but still many people play it in Flights, restaurants, cafes, classrooms and toilets (just kidding). Price: Free (in-app purchases).

Candy Crush

4. Smash Hit

From the makers of Sprinkle, this arcade game is classy when it comes to addictiveness. Once you start playing this game, you’ll never take your eyes off the display. Gameplay: Keep throwing the balls. Price: Free (in-app purchases).

3. Voxel Rush

This is a 3D racing game. Unlike the games like Asphalt 8 or RR3, you don’t have to select cars and maps to begin the race. Game loads in a snap and is ready to play. Gameplay: tilt your phone to steer left or right to dodge hurdles and collect boosts and points. Price: Free.

Voxel Rush

2. Daddy Was A Thief

I like the games which require less work on user’s end (specially mobile games), this game is one of them. All you have to do is break the floors by swiping on screen up to down. This is another infinite game and you never reach the ground floor. Price: Free.

1. 2048

This is an extremely very addictive game. Goal of this game is to add two tiles of same number and create 2048 tile. Upon creating 2048th tile, you win the game but you can play it further. Some people might think this game is never ending but I reached its end to overcome the addictiveness. Price: Free.

There are hundreds of other awesome games available for Android. To name a few: Ski Safari, Asphalt 8, Robo Defence, Shadowgun, Moder combat, etc. So which game is your favourite time killer?

By Anil

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