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Android: 6 Useless Apps Which You Should Never Install

bad android apps

This article is all about those useless apps on android market which you should definitely avoid installing. Heard of the apps which say your phone will be charges if placed under the sun? or shaking the phone will charge phone’s battery? Useless! totally worthless. None of them actually work. They are made to fool the users, you. So Its better to avoid them and say a good-bye to non-real apps.

Lets continue with the topic, I am going to mention a few useless apps (which I know). If you know more, please share them in comments, will consider to add them.

1. Solar Charger: This app is made out of fun purpose. Their aim is to fool the users by showing them some fake solar charger images on the display. But if you dig more in the app itself, you will see that in the info section the developer itself wrote that the app doesn’t really charge your phone’s battery and is made out of fun purpose. Do we really need these kinda app? Will you show such app to your friends that see, this is my phone and there’s an app out there which can charge the battery through sunlight. Are you friends that fool? huh!

2. Shake to charge: Aah. At first when I read about the app I thought of downloading the app and I give it a try and fooled myself. Its your phone, not those automatic watches which run through kinetic energy. And the battery meter which goes up is just making a fool out of you, It doesn’t actually charge the battery. Another useless app has been pwned.

3. Naked Scanners: Totally useless. Waste of time and memory. Do you think our phones are equipped with some advanced x-ray sensors or anything like that? Beware of such apps, there are many such apps.

4. Fingerprint Scanner: What is your phone? fingerprint scanner? Another app to fool your friends. Its your phone’s capactive screen not the fingerprint scanner. This will never work. Useless!

5. Internet Speeding / or something like that: Can any app increase the internet speed? No. Its upto your ISP. These kinda apps will just won’t do anything. If you want to browse faster, use opera mini.

6. Lie Detectors: Whatever you say, its all upon the app to select whether its a true or false. Because the app isn’t an actual lie detector. What it offers is graphics to fool the end-user.

Those apps mentioned below are made for fun/entertaining/fooling purpose and doesn’t deliver real results so you need to be beware of such apps as some of them may have a real malware. There are many good apps out there why not try them instead.

By Anil

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