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How to Turn Android Mobile Phone into CCTV Camera

Android Camera CCTVHave an old android mobile (or even a tablet) and you want to use that as CCTV camera at home? That’s possible with the help of a few accessaries and app(s).

First thing first, All you need is an Android mobile, working WiFi connection and an app to do the task. Also you need to have a PC, laptop, tablet or a TV connected to the same WiFi network. Optional: Phone holder which can mount your Android device at your desired location.

As in there are a lot of apps which can turn your mobile phone into CCTV camera but I found a free app which does this decently. The app is IP Webcam. Install this app and follow the instructions on screen.

Basically you need to configure the app settings for the first time according to your mobile device. Configurations as in:

  • Resolution: higher the resolution, higher the clarity and more lags probably
  • Quality: more the quality, less the smoothness. Even on my Galaxy S3, with highest resolution and 100 quality the video lags like hell.
  • Rest you can set the FPS limit to 30 at max which is quite much sufficient.
  • Set the focus mode to infinity if your device lets you.
  • Optional: You can use login/password too. Enable/disable video.
  • And after running the app, you can configure it to run in background.

If you are going to use this with low-end Android device then it is recommended that you use the lowest possible resolution and quality for the sake of your device’s battery and video quality and smoothness.

So How to turn Android phone into CCTV camera

  1. Open IP Webcam app
  2. Configure the app accordingly and start the server
  3. Obtain the server IP and write that IP in your PC’s web browser (or be it any other device viz. TV, iPad, laptop, etc.)
    Note: Your Android mobile and the PC should be connected to the same WiFi network
  4. Now you will see a few guidelines and text links – Follow that or select the most-possible method: “URL for MJPG-compatible software: http://your-IP:8080/videofeed
  5. So now you will see the video on your screen. You have done it!

Turn Any Android Mobile into CCTV Camera – Video

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