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Announcing hCamera for Android

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce my first professional app to Google Play. It’s hCamera. Before hCamera, I published a few apps in Play Store but they were developed as a part of practice and required very less intensive work.

hCamera is a tool which can click a picture or record a video discreetly, without any preview or sound. It’s got a home screen widget which, upon click, captures an image directly from home-screen.

“James Bond app” ~ El Android Elibre (popular Spanish blog)

Major features:

1. Click a picture without any sound and preview with a click of a button.

2. Switch cameras on one click.
3. Theme change and Random messages show up on each photo click.
4. Long press to record videos.
5. One click to view the captured image/video.
6. Customise picture quality, picture size, video length and even the text on that button.
7. Material Design, minimal design. Buttons appear only when you need.
8. Volume buttons capture photos. Quite nifty.
9. All sounds are muted when the app is in the foreground.
10. Added a beautiful widget to capture photos directly from home screen.

I have set goals based on downloads. This benefits me and you both. How? It motivates me if the app gets large number of downloads (and positive reviews) and you, as you get more features upon every goal completion.

Get it on Google Play


GOAL #1: 10,000 downloads – Pro App.
GOAL #2: 50,000 downloads – Video record widget and user changeable location.
GOAL #3: 1,00,000 download – Option to select video resolution and Stop video from notification bar.

Pleased to write that hCamera was trending in Spain at number 3 in Tools. All thanks to blogs in Spain for running the story. In fact some blogs claimed hCamera to be James Bond app.

For more details, refer hCamera for Android official page.

By Anil

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