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BlackBerry Messenger Comes to Android and iOS

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BBM is coming soon to Android and iOS and the best thing is there will be no monthly subscription plan. And this was rumoured years ago but there was no official confirmation. Yesterday, BlackBerry made an announcement that the app will be free and cross platform.

Apparently, with this move, BB is trying to compete with WhatsApp. Statistically, on WhatsApp more than 10 billion messages are sent per day and BBM still has 60 million active monthly users. In terms of cross-platform, WhatsApp pwns BBM because it’s available for Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Also, BlackBerry announced BBM channels. Any user can create a channel and others can subscribe to the channel for timely updates. The best part of BB (over WhatsApp) is we can add people without asking for their phone numbers, because BB Pin.

Though the company didn’t reveal the release date but said it’s coming this summer. Are you excited to use BBM on your Android and iDevice?

By Anil

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