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The Best Android Automation Profiles for Tasker

Tasker is a beautiful and silent app. IMO this app is essential for everyone for many (different) uses. This can automate almost everything on your Android device and we will discuss some of the best automation profiles/settings for Tasker. There are a number of Tasker Profiles available on developer’s page.

About Tasker


Tasker is a paid app and costs $2.99. An app which automates tasks on Android devices based on user’s configuration. Profiles can be manually set or downloaded from Internet. Created settings (or tasks) can be created as an app which you can sell on Play Store.

Best Profiles for Tasker

1. Take a photo if the wrong password is entered: This has to be the best tasker profile. You can customise it completely from camera to number of login attempts.

2. Disable WiFi and Mobile Data at night (for specified time period).

3. Turn on GPS when you open Maps, Camera or any other app which requires GPS. Upon exiting that app, turn GPS off.

4. In the morning, raise alarm volume to high.

5. When a headset is plugged in – Open Music and raise the volume.

6. When my phone is on silent calling me twice in a row will un-silence the phone (Generally means an emergency).

7. Enable Auto Rotation in specific Apps: Youtube, Maps.

8. If phone’s battery reaches 3%, Send an SMS to a number.

9. BATTERY SAVER: Display off > Set CPU governor to low, Set CPU scale to 384mhz-594mhz.

10. BATTERY SAVER: Display on > Set CPU governor to High, Set CPU scale to 384mhz-1.5ghz.

If you are a power tasker user and have set a custom profile which deserves to be in this list then write about that in comments.

By Anil

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