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Bike Baron for iOS Reminds Me of Bike or Die

You might have heard of Bike or Die game if you had any Palm treo device. Bike or Die is the best and super-addictive game I have ever played on any mobile device. Now there are thousands of amazing games out there with nice high definition graphics and good UI, But I still miss bike or die in between.

I had recently downloaded Bike Baron game on my iPad and found that its similar to Bike or Die which I used to play on my Palm treo 650. So far, this game is so addictive that I have completed all the levels from Easy to Extreme difficulty. And I created a few custom levels too. You can say this(Bike baron) is similar to Bike or Die but not the same. There are some differences.

Bike or Die
Bike or Die

The First difference being its the way we see the game, Both have different camera angles though I found that Bike or Die has better viewing angle. But Bike Baron developers may add the camera option in the next update. The Second difference is its UI and graphics; Obviously Bike Baron has superior graphics as the Bike or Die has turned old. and Finally the Levels, Bike Baron offers users to create kickass levels on the go with super amusing UI like no other But Bike or Die didn’t have that functionality in built.

Bike baron
Bike Baron

If I had to rate bike baron then I would have given it 9/10. 1 point deducted for that camera viewing angle 😉 Thought the game (Bike or Die) is also available for iOS devices but its costlier than Bike Baron and is not at all better than Bike Baron. One would better go for Bike Baron instead of Bike or Die. I wish they will soon release the Android version of this game too 🙂

Download Bike Baron for iOS

Bike or Die 2! for iOS

By Anil

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