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How to Clear App Cache on Android in One Click

Running out of storage memory? Chances are you have some apps which save cache. Not just your smartphone, it’s every smartphone which saves app cache. To save memory, you should clear app caches timely so that you don’t run out of phone storage.

Cleaning cache is safe, It won’t log you out from any open sessions. You can either manually do it from inside the settings or it’s just one click away if you use an app.

Clear app cache manually

  • Go to settings > Applications manager.
  • Tap on individual apps you want to clear cache of.
  • Tap on “Clear cache”. Done.
  • Note: If you tap on “Clear data”, it will log you out from any saved session and restore the app.

Also, Android 4.2 has one-click option to delete all apps caches.

Clear app cache in one click

  • Download App Cache Cleaner from Play Store.
  • Open the app, It will take some time to analyse app cache on your phone (time depends on your device).
  • Either you can tap on “Clear all” to delete cache in one click OR if you tap on individual apps, It will land you on app info. You can clear cache from there.
  • Plus point: Doesn’t require root access.
  • Free version is supported by Ads, you can buy pro version from here.

Screenshot of App cache cleaner for ref.

App Cache Cleaner

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