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How to Install iOS 5 back (Downgrade to iOS 5) on iOS 6 Devices

Everyone using the iOS 6, the latest iOS update, is cribbing its new features. And it definitely deserves to be hated. Many things have been degraded. Apple has degraded iOS in terms of service, reliability and apps.

The iOS 6 does not have the best maps app, as Apple claimed. It has removed the Google maps and the app is currently not available in the market. Youtube used to be a decent app and I personally loved the overall UI and watched a lot of videos using Youtube app. Yes the Youtube UI experience was that good. Now, there’s NO YouTube at all. You have to download 3rd party app from app store.

The bugs/degraded features are even more, including the App Store itself. So now you maybe thinking of degrading it back to the awesome iOS 5!?! Or you can enjoy the iOS 5 back till Apple releases the fully functional, bug-free, Google maps+Youtube app iOS 6 update.

How to install iOS 5 back?

NOTE: This method is 100% genuine and the firmware is Official which you are going to download from

The process is simple, all you have to do is download iOS 5 firmware and install it using iTunes.

  • Go to this page to download the iOS 5 firmware according to your iDevice.
    Although the process to install iOS 5 is already mentioned in that post.
  • Connect your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone to computer/mac.
  • Open iTunes (in case it doesn’t open automatically)
  • Select your device from left sidebar and go to summary.
  • Back up.
  • Shift + Right-click on Restore button.
  • Select the official firmware file you downloaded.
  • Restore.

It will restore your iDevice back to iOS 5. i hope it helped you getting iOS 5 back to your device. If you have any trouble, we are there to troubleshoot your problems. Enjoy the iOS 5.

By Anil

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