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Download FBL and FBD 2 for Facebook Lite and Desktop respectively

Are you tired of using the native Facebook app? It takes a lot of space and is slow sometimes. Also, you have to use two different apps i.e. Facebook and Messenger. But that can be avoided.

FBL Cover

Download FBL is you want to use Facebook in lite mode. Also, if you have pack, Access free facebook in one-click. And one more suggestion: FBD 2 if you simply want to browse Facebook in desktop mode.

How FBL and FBD 2 are better?

1. FBL

  1. Access Facebook in lite mode, hence low-data use and fast loading.
  2. 0.facebook i.e. Free Facebook in one click.
  3. Consumes low disk space and intelligent memory management.
  4. 20% less CPU consumption than competitive apps.
  5. No background process.
  6. Switch to Desktop mode and Full-screen in one click.
  7. Feature rich: Photo upload, Location check-in and more.
  8. Download FBL from Play Store.

2. FBD 2

  1. Full fledged desktop mode for Facebook.
  2. No background process.
  3. It’s always feature-rich to browse Facebook in desktop mode.
  4. Privacy protected. No history traced.
  5. Download FBD 2 from Play Store.

Both FBL and FBD 2 don’t ask for unnecessary app permissions. Only three permissions are required: First is internet access. Second, Location for check-ins. And third, Photo/Media for accessing images in gallery for photo upload.

By Anil

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