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How to Add Extra Volume to Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy S3

If you think that phone call volume set to high is not enough then you can make it even more louder. Yes, that’s possible in Samsung Galaxy S3 (Not sure about other ICS devices).

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Add Extra Volume to Phone Calls

Sometimes, It happens when we are surrounded by crowd and its uneasy to listen to a person on a phone call. So there’s a feature in Samsung Galaxy S3 which adds extra volume for calls.

How to use extra volume for calls

  1. Open dialer > open menu > Call settings.
  2. Check the box “Use extra vol. for calls
  3. Done!

Now whenever you call someone, You will see an extra button below the call duration timings, taping on the button will increase the loudness. You can watch this tutorial as a video.

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