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Add Hollywood-like Video Effects to Mobile Videos (Android) – FXGuru App Review

Do you want to add hollywood-alike VFX (video effects) to your daily life (videos)? If yes and you own an Android mobile, this could be a dream come true.

Add Hollywood-like VFX to your mobile videos on the go.

I was wondering if there would be any such app for mobiles, and look it’s here. FxGuru: Movie FX Director is the app to do wonders. You just have to shoot a video under good lighting and it will do the rest.

FXGuru Movie FX director Android

Get ready to amaze your friends with this app. Shoot a satellite crashing on earth nearby you, TNT barrel getting bombed, Capture a moving UFO and lots more.  This app has some serious groundbreaking features and VFX on are so accurate. And the best thing is the rendering time. On my mobile i.e. SGS3, It rendered a 14 sec (max) movie within 30 seconds.

Watch FXGuru App for Android in Action – Youtube

About the app

This is the only Android app which lets you add VFX to your movies with high-end graphics and great accuracy. Published a few weeks ago, the app has 17 VFX effects out of them, 4 are free (as mentioned above, including one New Year greetings). You can buy the remaining 13 effects individually for $0.99 or pay-for-all at $8.99.

How easy is it to add VFX to videos through this app?

Just open the app, select a visual effect of your choice and start recording a video under good light. Do not shake your phone much, and that does not mean that you have to use a tripod. Move your phone a little bit to make it more realistic, the app has enough senses to handle it all. Okay, so when it is done adding the effect, the video frame color will turn green from red, now you can stop recording.

It takes less than 30 seconds to render the video (at least on my phone), but the actual rendering time may depend on your device.

Quality of the videos produced?

Well, I won’t say that the quality of the videos produced is highly impressive or the best one. It’s 480p, standard definition. Not bad either. For me, it’s sufficient. If it had HD video rendering capability, the phone could just hang and the VFX effect wouldn’t be as beautiful as it’s now.

VFX added to the videos look good and surprising. So realistic as if it(vfx) actually happened. And the sound effects are amazing as well.

App UI?

User interface is just fantastic while recording the video. It gives us the hint about at what angle we have to shoot our video. App load time is something which disappointed me. :/

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Overall, this app is a must have. ‘WoW’ your friends and family. Outcomes are jaw dropper.  4.5/5 stars from me (rated 5 stars on Play store though 😉 ). 0.5 stars deducted for load time and just 3 templates/effects. Waiting for more awesome effects in future…

By Anil

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