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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S – Specs Comparison

Note 2 vs iPhone 4S

After the battle of three Android giants, It’s time to compare the Apple’s iPhone 4S and Samsung’s latest smartphone, Galaxy Note 2. And in terms of looks, design and even specs; the iPhone looks tiny.

As you have already seen the comparison above, the iPhone gets defeated in many aspects (Now it’s apple’s time to launch the new iPhone this year). Some of you might get disappointed to see the comparion between a latest smartphone and a year old. But it is Android vs iOS.

Galaxy Note 2 over iPhone 4S:

  1. Giant Screen
  2. Gorilla Glass 2
  3. Memory Card Slot
  4. 2 GB RAM over 512 MB
  5. 4G, NFC, FM Radio
  6. Better Processor- Quad-core 1.6 Ghz CPU over dual-core 1 Ghz
  7. More sensors
  8. Bigger Battery
  9. S-Pen input

iPhone 4S over Galaxy Note 2:

  1. Better Screen resolution
  2. Light in weight and slightly thin

By Anil

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