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How to Connect Pendrive and Mouse to Samsung Galaxy S3

Yes, you read that right. You can connect Pendrive or Mouse to your Samsung Galaxy S3. And even those USB gamepads. I successfully connected pen drive and wireless mouse to my SGS3.

Excited? Even I am. How awesome is that when you can connect your pen drive to mobile on the go. Its simply amazing and time saving. What you require is USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable and you can connect pendrive, card readers, mouse, gamepads. But hey, you cannot connect those external ‘portable’ HDDs (obviously because they are not compatible).

Samsung USB OTG Cable

What do you require? Get USB OTG cable from any retail store, even Samsung manufactures OTG cable which can successfully connect pendrives, etc to Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note (no idea about other device). If you want a low-priced OTG cable then search ebay where hundreds of OTG cables are sold at as low as Rs. 100 ($2).

So you will never run out of memory if you have USB OTG cable with you. I found this feature a lifesaver and want to thank Samsung for this. Now I can watch movies on my mobile without having them on my phone or phone’s SD card.

This video will help you understand more!


So USB OTG is supported only by Galaxy S3?

No. Other devices are also supported like Galaxy S2, Note and Nokia N8 (Do you know more? pls share)

Do I need to install any third party app?

No. Its fully supported by the device itself and you don’t need any third party app.

How to browse the pendrive data?

Open File Manager > Select your pendrive. Simple as that.

Does Mouse and keyboard work?

Yes, both wired and wireless mouse and keyboards work. Even Gamepads too \m/

Can I connect my portable hard disk?

Well I tried to connect my 80GB Hard disk but there occurred an error. “File system not supported”. But as shown in the above video, the guy has connected 500GB HDD.

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By Anil

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