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How To Force Android Browser to Open Desktop Websites – Trick

You must have seen that your android mobile doesn’t load desktop site of any website. Most of the people out there want to access facebook’s desktop site on their android mobiles(although, you can do this through this app too), This is possible if you follow this trick. This is a valid trick and contains no harmful defects to your Device. All you have to do is, go to your android mobile/tablet browser > write “about:debug” > press Enter > Open settings > Open UAStrings > Select Desktop and you are done! Simple? Yeah its simple but in between you have to write “about:debug” in browser’s address bar and press go/ enter. It will, actually, not load any page but will trick the browser to show debug settings of the browser. You might feel that this task looks complicated, let me explain this in easy and convenient way below. Here we go:

The Process Starts Here:

  1. Initially your browser will load* like this.
  2. Open Browser. Write “about:debug” in Address bar and press enter.
  3. Now Go to Settings:

    Select Settings
  4. Select UAStrings** at the Bottom

    Select UAStrings
  5. Select Desktop from the menu

    Select Desktop

    You can select iPad or iPhone as your user agent as well.

  6. Now open any website (e.g. I opened Facebook)

    Yay! It did work. 🙂

Please let me know if “about:debug” doesn’t work on your device, although it works on every android device.

  •* – Just for example
  • UAStrings** – User Agent Strings

Want Mobile Site again? Just follow the steps again and select “Android” from the menu.

By Anil

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