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How to Get HTC Sense Locker on Any Android Mobile

If you ever had any HTC mobile then you know how awesome user interface they offer. According to me, HTC has the best Android UI out of all, leaving Samsung, Sony, etc all behind. The HTC Sense UI is amazing so as their locker. You can get the Sense UI locker on any android mobile by just downloading the locker app.

How to Get HTC Sense Locker?

So now you may be curious to know how and where can I get the HTC Sense locker? From the Google Play Store (Android Market) itself, and that too for free. It doesn’t require any root access, so you don’t have to worry about rooting your device. It is not developed by HTC, but tweaked and customized for MagicLocker for Android.

  • Download and Install MagicLocker from Google Play Store.
  • Download Sense 3.0 – Magic Locker Theme.
  • Open MagicLocker Settings and apply Sense 3.0 as the current theme.

That’s It, now whenever you want to unlock your device, you will get the HTC feel. You can browse for more themes like iPhone, Android ICS theme, and there and many awesome and creative themes out there. See the screenshots below.

iPhone Locker on Android

Android 4.0 ICS Locker Theme

Slides Free

Zipper Theme for Magic Locker

“Ten Points” Theme

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