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How to Get Ingress Activation Code?

Ingress Logo RemixedI have been reading your comments on my newest video (Ingress Gameplay). Many of you asked me to share the activation key, and some of you asked me tell how to get ingress code and above all, You have dropped your email IDs in comments so that I could invite you as ‘agent’ in game.

Inviting players to game has been shut down as it’s a closed beta project. I wish I could invite you to the much-hyped game. But believe me, It’s not worth the hype (at least in India).

Back to the point, Ways to get the invite are:

1. Submit Portals: Go out somewhere near your home or office or the place you visit the most. Take out your phone and open camera app. Enable geo location sharing. Click pictures of the nearby attractions. And send them to Google. We will discuss it briefly later in this post.

2. Ask your friend to give you their code, if they got the invite.

3. Drop your email address at Ingress website and wait for upcoming weeks.

4. Wait! wait! and wait untill Google makes it all public.

Don’t you think that first option was far better than the rest? Obviously it is. But I don’t guarantee that It will definitely get you the activation code. Actually It depends…

Submit Portals, Get started: First of all, download Ingress from Google Play Store. Assuming that you have a camera which can store geographical location when you click an image or a phone with decent camera which can store your location.

  • Open Camera > Settings > Store location >ON)
  •  Click images of nearby attractions.
  • Open the image and tap on share.
  • Select NIA Super OPS from the drop-down menu.
  • (It will open Gmail)
  • Now enter the title of image i.e. Name of the place/location/attraction.
  • This will send your portal to Google.

This process actually helps Google building up their database and we get to have fun while playing. Once Google finds you helping towards their project, they may send you an activation code(invite).

Okay! After seeing many code requests I have decided to giveaway the code. You may have landed on this page from the YouTube video, If you had watched the video till end, you could get your code. Also if you had read comments on the video, you would see two people dropped their codes.

No problem if you couldn’t find the “Ingress Activation Code”, as I promised in the video description, I am giving away some codes to you. So here they are: D N M K I C M AM D H Y A 3 E HN 4 W G I F F A. Just don’t forget to hit the like button on the video 🙂

This is like first come first basis. I don’t know how many people may use one code (as it’s not stated by Google). But for your backup, drop your email address on and you will definitely get a code within a month, without having to upload portals.

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By Anil

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