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HTC One X vs. One S vs. One V vs One XL – Comparing the New HTC Android Mobiles

HTC is definitely going to explode in 2012. Recently It announced the new android mobile series and named it as “HTC One “. One X is the leader of them all while there are three other mobiles to rule the mid-segment.

HTC One X is a high end android mobile with extra ordinary quad core CPU, giant 4.7 inch gorilla glass display and many awesome features. While the HTC One XL is a high end android device but has some boundaries compared to that with HTC One X. And there are two more mobiles in this series for mid-segment, the One S and One V. Here’s comparing HTC One X,S, V and XL in terms of display, Memory, Connectivity, Camera, OS, Processor, etc.

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By Anil

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