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HTC One X vs Sony Xperia S vs HTC One S – Specs Comparison

This is the spec comparison between HTC One X (giant of them all), Sony Xperia S and HTC One S. Comparing HTC One S and Sony Xperia S is a good idea, because they fall in a similar segment – Dual-Core mobiles. But you might be thinking that this is quite ridiculous to compare a quad-core mobile device with a dual-core one; But remember, One X is the top mobile device from HTC and Xperia S is Sony’s Topper. So, in other words, you can that this competition is between two segments – two dual-core mobiles and two top mobiles from HTC and Sony.

This time, Sony disappointed many of its users (including me). It didn’t release any quad-core mobile this year as this is the perfect time to launch the next generation mobile phones – quad core ones. Sony may launch quad-core mobiles later, but don’t they think that it will be too late? Well Apple hasn’t released/ announced any quad-core mobile device yet too.

Sony Ericsson was the first mobile company to release a Android device with 1 Ghz processor, They could have been pioneer in quad-core computing. If you want to go for looks, go for Xperia S. Its amazing looking device and your friends may crib for this device.

As you can see in the specs, Xperia S still runs on Android 2.3 gingerbread (don’t worry, ICS update is in queue); Sony should have taken care of these things plus Xperia S is over-priced. HTC One S can be proven as a good deal if one’s looking for a better high end mobile.

Conclusion: If you want an extremely fast device who can perform any task in a snap, go for HTC One X. If the price is a barrier and you are limited to a budget where Xperia S and One S are choices, go for HTC One S. Reasons – One S has Super AMOLED display, Android 4.0 ICS, lighter and thinner, and cheaper than Xperia S. If looks matter and you want a device which you can show off, Go for Xperia S. Xperia S is a mobile which has killer looks and can flaunt anyone in first look. Although I didn’t mean to say that Xperia S has got only looks, It can perform well too.

By Anil

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