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Five Features of iOS 8, Android already had

Yesterday Apple announced iOS 8 in their WWDC 2014 along with few more updates. As presented by Apple, iOS 8, the most advanced mobile operating system has “new” features. Considering five of them, I guess Android users have already been enjoying for years. And here they are.

iOS 8 Logo

1. Keyboard: Basically what Apple has done is, updated its old keyboard to SwiftKey (Top app in Play Store). SwiftKey predicts words you are going to type and also automatically stores new, custom (language of your choice) words in its dictionary. Also, It swipes. Well done Apple.

iOS 8 QuickType Keyboard SwiftKey

Some features are borrowed from Android and Some are interestingly new!

2. iCloud Drive: This is said to be Dropbox and Google Drive killer. But how will it kill? With sky-high plans? Android (iOS, too) users have been using Dropbox and Drive for years now.

iCloud Drive

3. Spotlight: Remember Google Now? That’s where spotlight came from.

iOS 8 spotlight vs Google Now

4. Multi Tasking and Notifications: With iOS 7, Apple unveiled a new multi-tasking and Notifications feature for iPhones and iPads which was similar to Android’s Jelly Bean’s multi-tasking. Apple just rotated multi-tasking from vertically to horizontally. This year they brushed both and made notifications interactive.

5. Health: Remember Samsung’s S Health? Yes? Well, then I don’t need to write any more on that.

New Features worth mentioning

Apple did unveil some seriously amazing yet unique features of iOS 8 which are worth mentioning.

1. Family Sharing: This is the one and only jaw-dropping feature for me. What does it do? It lets you invite upto 6 iOS users and share your itunes purchases with them. viz. Music, movies, TV shows, apps and books. But Apple also stated that not all purchases are available for Family sharing. Will this depend on developer/publisher? We’ll get our answers this fall.

2. Seamless Integration b/w iPhone, iPad and Mac: You can connect seamlessly connect your iDevices together and one of the noticeable feature is Answering Phone calls. With iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite, You can receive and pick calls on your Mac. Also, now you can use AirDrop to share files between iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Some more features let you start a task on one device and finish off on another. Like composing a mail on iPhone and continuing that on Macbook.

By Anil

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