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iPhone 6/5S to Debut in June – What to Expect!

The New iPhoneYes, iPhone 5S/6 is expected to be debuted on 10th June (WWDC 13) this year along with newer iPad. Also, Apple is coming up with completely re-designed new OS, iOS7.

The most expected change is the completely re-designed OS (iOS 7). Other expected upgrades are A7 Chipset, even better screen resolution, Corning Gorilla glass 3, Same rear camera with Polarized filter.

1. iOS 7: It is speculated that iOS 7 will have completely revamped UI along with vehicle integration. The new interface is said to be “flat, very flat”, as reported by 9to5mac. Rumours are that it may have Metro UI like Windows Phones.

2. A7 Chip and 2 GB RAM : Well, don’t expect Apple to come up with Quad-core processor. They are more likely to sport Dual-Core 1.7 Ghz A7 chipset. Also, The next iPhone may have 2 GB RAM.

Besides WWDC tickets were priced at $1599, The entire event tickets were sold in approx 2 minutes.

3. Display: Don’t expect bigger display, but better resolution. To compete with latest Android giants (S4 and HTC One), iPhone 5S/6 should come with even higher resolution with over 400 ppi. And Gorilla Glass 3 for screen protection.

4. Camera: iPhone 5 had some bad camera reviews because of the purple haze. Expect 8MP iSight camera with improved and polarized lenses. 2 MP front-facing camera is expected as well.

5. 128 GB Model: Will the next iPhone come with 128 GB storage capacity? We have already seen a 128 GB iPad, So It’s is likely that Apple will launch 128 GB iPhone too.

Completely Re-designed iPhone?

Few weeks ago, Apple had patented curved iPhone (refer the image below). Could this be the iPhone 6? Well, We have to wait for June 10 for that. PS: Irony is that this is 7th Gen iPhone and they are still naming it iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6.

Apple Curved iPhone

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