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Jelly Bean’s Google Now Ported to Rooted Android ICS Devices

Google Now on Android ICS Rooted Galaxy S3We all know a lot of great features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Google Voice search and Google Now is one of the key features. The greatest thing about Jelly bean’s Google voice search is that its the quickest (as seen in the videos).

To try out the revamped google voice search (Google Now) I, first, had to root my Galaxy S3 which has Android 4.0.4 ICS ROM. I went further and rooted my device. Finally I installed Google Now after a short procedure and what did I see. Google voice search didn’t work. Yes, It doesn’t work on any ICS device. I have already tested it on Xperia X10i and Galaxy S3. It returned with an error “Didn’t catch that. Try speaking again.

So what’s the point of installing it then? Well, you can still try the Google search by typing (its just the voice which doesn’t work). Let’s hope that we get to see a tweaked working version of it soon. Google search works quite well though. I didn’t see those images floating in the left, perhaps its not supported in India.

If you already have Google Voice search installed on your phones (which most of the phones have as of now), you will see this screen, Select “Google”. To install JB Google Now on your rooted ICS Android smartphone, follow this thread on XDA.

Google Now on ICS – Screenshots
Google Now on Android ICS Rooted Galaxy S3

Google Now on Android ICS Rooted Galaxy S3

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