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Keeper for Android and iPhone – Keep Your Private Data, Passwords at one Place

If you are looking for an android app to keep your private/confidential data/passwords at one place, then Keeper for Android is the best choice available in Android Market. This is also available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad(Also available for Mac and Windows: Paid). Keeper safeguards your passwords and private information on your Android device using it’s military-grade AES encryption.

Keeper logo in Android Market

As on Android Market: Store your passwords and private information. Protect yourself from hackers. Downloaded by millions of users worldwide and published in 10 languages, Keeper® is the world’s most trusted mobile security software. Now is the time to protect yourself from the growing threat of hackers and identity thieves by downloading Keeper. Safeguard your passwords and private information on your Android device using Keeper’s military-grade AES encryption. Do you reuse the same passwords? Identity thieves know you do. Keeper® protects your identity by creating secure passwords and remembering them for you. Keeper® keeps your most important information totally secure and easy for you to access. Anywhere. Anytime.

Keeper features:

  1. Easily Maintain folders
  2. Protects Against Hackers
  3. Creates Secure Passwords
  4. Auto-Launches Websites
  5. Instantly Searches Records
  6. Provides Unlimited Space
  7. Encrypts Everything
  8. Backed Up Securely – PAID Feature
  9. Works on All Your Devices – PAID Feature
  10. Syncs to All Your Devices – PAID Feature
  11. Supported with Real People – PAID Feature


  1. If you want to save  data to a particular folder, you have to write the folder name everytime you add multiple data besides that you are saving that in the folder.
  2. Backup is fine but restoring data is a mess, can be easily tolerated as its free.
  3. Worst part is that it is purchased on subscription basis instead of one-time purchase. You have to pay $9.99 every year to use its premium features.
  4. If you have both Android and iOS devices then, obviously, you will have to purchase two times 😉

Note: You can try the paid version for free for a month(30 days).

Download – [Android]–[iPhone]

Keeper Overview:


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