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What Makes Android Better Than iOS

Android vs iOS

There are two major mobile Operating Systems – Android and iOS (Windows, and other come after). Both OS have timely updated themselves with numerous features. But there are a few points which make Android better than iOS (specifically). It’s not about Android L vs iOS 8 but one ecosystem vs other.

1. Background Apps Sync

Apps in iOS don’t seem to work good in the background. You receive a notification from Facebook, you click on that notification and you see that data is being loaded. Unlike iOS, Apps in Android work better and data gets synced in the background.

2. No iTunes Needed

You don’t have to use any third party app in your laptop to transfer files to your Android device unlike iTunes for iOS devices. Android users can simply connect a pen drive to their phones and transfer data in-between. In case, the phone doesn’t support OTG connectivity, MicroSD cards. And in case, no external memory and no OTG support, transfer data seamlessly through MicroUSB cable. (Also, There’s an app called AirDroid).

To transfer even photos to iPhone, you need iTunes for this. Select photos and keep them in a separate folder and from iTunes select that specific folder. Now every time you want to add or delete a photo, go to that folder in your laptop and add/delete photo and sync.

3. Easy Data Sharing

In Android, data sharing is easier. Suppose you have to send a photo to your friend, you can send it via mail, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct and other 3rd party apps. But in iOS you are left with Bluetooth and mail and, believe me, sending photos via mail in iOS is frustrating. Maybe that’s why WhatsApp is useful.

 4. Widgets

Android has home screen hence it supports widgets which are great to get updates or access tools on the go. You can add any kind of widget on the home screen (and selected widgets on lock-screen) from calendar events, news publishers to tools and services.

5. Samsung, LG and other Add-ons

iOS is restrictive hence no manufacturer can produce iOS devices other than Apple. Since, Android is open-source, Samsung, HTC and LG have come up with distinctive features in their phones. Viz. Samsung Galaxy Note series come with a stylus (or S-Pen, as they call it), LG G2 and G3 have double-tap on the screen to unlock, some Samsung phones have a heart rate sensor. Also, Xiaomi has their own UI which looks exactly like iOS.

There’s another side of the coin. Read this comment on Reddit and couldn’t agree more:

Android isn’t “better” than iOS, but it is a better choice for some, while iOS is a better choice for others. Android is something that appeals to people who like to tweak their own experience, whereas iOS has the more intuitive UI (although some would debate that) “out of the box.” But iOS also doesn’t allow for said tweaking. One of the main advantages still with Android is that data is much more easily shared between apps. Whereas for iOS, the general quality and design of the apps is better, although Android has caught up in a lot of ways.

By Anil

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