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Mobile Phone Industry : Before and After iPhone – WideFide

The mobile phone industry has changed just after the release of Apple iPhone. Many mobile companies are copying the design of iPhone and innovating in many ways to deliver better products to customers. Major ones are Android and Windows mobile. Here’s sharing two pictures which show the mobile phones which we used to have before iPhone and the current ones which we use know.

Mobile Industry Before the Apple iPhone

Mobile Industry after Apple iPhone

iPhone played crucial role in Mobile phone industry and changed the whole game in 2007 and almost all mobile manufacture companies started to make iphone-like mobiles. Although, Full touch screen phones were also there before the iPhone kicked in, they were pocket PC windows mobiles, Palm-tops, etc. But if you compare their UI with today’s phones, they will lose. But remember, everyone is a king of their own era, so were they.

By Anil

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