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5 Must Have Apps For LG Nexus 5

No phone comes perfect and Nexus 5 is no exceptional. To enhance your experience, install these must-have apps and you’ll never look back.

Must Have Apps Nexus 5

1. SwiftKey($3.99): This is a must-have app for every android device.

SwiftKey Demo WideFide

If you want to type efficiently, Swiftkey keyboard is what you need. Great accuracy, good looks, beautiful themes, smart word prediction and what not. The more you use it, more efficient it becomes (learns words on its own: AWESOMENESS).

Cloud backup: Recently when I migrated from S3 to Nexus 5, I already had Swiftkey installed on my S3. I simply installed Swiftkey on Nexus 5 and logged into its cloud services and got my old set of words (that it learned itself).

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2. Clean Master(FREE): Frees RAM and clears cache and other junk. Do you want your device to work well? Well, everyone wants that. But if you don’t free up RAM and clear junk from your device how is it going to deliver performance. Clean Master is the solution. Though there are a few more such apps but I personally recommend this app because of its features and simplicity.

Features you can benefit are: It can free up RAM every time you unlock your device, a home-screen widget or 1Tapboost. Timely notifications to clean junk, mostly system cache is present. Beautiful animation if you want to show off. Also, has a built-in anti-malware program.

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3. Power Toggles(FREE): You just need to install this app if you can’t live without notification toggles. If you are a Nexus 5 user, you know there’s no Samsung-like(or htc-like) toggles in the notification bar at the top. Download and install Power Toggles and set up everything from toggles colors, opacity, toggles themselves, etc. Brilliant!

Power Toggles Screenshot

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4. MX Player(FREE): If you a long-time Android user you might already know about MX Player. This is a rich video player which can play almost any video format.

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5. Airdroid(FREE): Connect your Android device to your computer without wires. A prominent app in Play Store and a must-have app for Nexus 5. All you need to have is connect both your Nexus 5 and computer to a same WiFi network. No software or drivers needed for the computer, just open and scan barcode from Nexus 5 and you are ready to take off.

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More apps to consider:

  • Tasker(PAID): Brilliant app to automate tasks so that you don’t have to install separate apps.
  • Astro File Manager: Nexus 5 doesn’t come pre-installed with a File manager. Install this if you’re considering a file manager.
  • KeepSafe: Move some of your private/confidential photos to Keepsafe for security or privacy reasons.
  • Screen Filter: Dim screen brightness. Beneficial for night readers.
  • StickMount: Root required. USB OTG is not supported by Nexus devices out of the box. You just need to root Nexus 5 and install this free app to mount pen drives to Nexus 5.

Do you know more useful apps? Suggest them in comments.

By Anil

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