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Lunatik Tiktak 5 – Must Have Case for iPhone 5

As you already have an iPhone 5 or planning to buy one, you know how costly it is and to protect it against physical damages you need a case. The case (termed as must have) is not an ordinary case but the one which really protects your uber-costly iPhone.

Taktik 5 for iPhone 5

The case is Taktik 5 from Lunatik (The very famous iPod nano watch band maker – kickstarted). This case is also available for iPhone 4 and 4S but the features, design and materials are same.

How is Taktik 5 for iPhone different than other cases?

The brief summary of why this case is a must have for iPhone 5

  • It is dust, water and shockproof.
  • It has an additional gorilla glass to protect the display.
  • Bold rugged design

Well, As you know that the most (almost all) cases protect the phone (not specifically the iPhone) from behind and corners but this one protects from the front too. This has got an additional gorilla glass which is shipped in the box and can be placed on the screen while installing the case. Make a note that iPhones already have Gorilla glass displays and with this case the display is even more strong, almost double.

The case is dust and shockproof, and also waterproof. Waterproof doesn’t mean that you can take it away with you while swimming. It can protect the phone from accidental water damages.

And the looks, It looks like as if it’s some swiss army accessory. Gorgeous and Rugged. What else do you expect from a case like this. I just hope that the price will be reasonable and affordable. Tiktak for iPhone 4/4S costs $124.95.

By Anil

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