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10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3

Android phones are incomplete without 3rd party apps. Why would one buy an android mobile if his/her sole purpose is just calling and texting. So in this post, I am sharing must-have essential Android apps (specially for Galaxy S3).

The apps are not limited to Galaxy S3, they are available for every Android 2.1+ mobile. And the best part is that the apps are absolutely free.

1. Opera Mini : The fastest browser on earth. Stock browser is quick enough on Galaxy S3 and we have Google Chrome beta too. But Opera is the most recommended browser because of its overall performance. If you are on limited mobile data plan, say 1 GB, this will save upto 80% of data usage. Plus it has customizable speed dial where users can add more than 9 speed dial websites on home screen. Why is it recommended? It saves data, It syncs bookmarks, It loads web pages fast. One demerit of Opera mini is that it doesn’t support flash. Who cares. If I have to open those heavy flash pages I have the stock browser.


2. Whatsapp : Don’t consider it as a free SMS app. Its a cross platform instant messenger just like BBM where you can chat with your friends, send pictures, videos ,audio or create groups. But to add someone you don’t need his/her PIN, you simply have to have friend’s mobile phone number. That’s it. It will add your friends automatically as soon as they sign up for Whatsapp.

But why whatsapp? I have chaton pre-installed on my SGS3. ChatOn is not heavily popular as Whatsapp. Its just like Android’s BBM which requires a low-cost annual subscription instead of a hefty monthly subscription. For the first year, its free. Alternative: ChatOn, Kakaotalk, etc.


3. Airdroid : Fed up of connecting your phone to PC with cables to transfer data? Forget cables and go wireless. All you need to have is WiFi connection and Airdroid installed on your mobile. It can do even more than transferring files. It lets you download all the apps installed on your Android mobile. This is a masterpiece – A must have.


4. ATK (Advanced Task Killer) : ICS already has a decent task manager and its good at its work. But to close the running apps which sucks battery and RAM, you need to have ATK where you can select which app can stay active in background and which ones to kill.

There are several apps which automatically keep on opening in background and starts sucking RAM, resulting in battery drain. Its better to have its widget on home screen which can kill the tasks in one click.


5. AppLock : If privacy is important to you then this app is a must. App Lock can lock the apps with password or pattern unlock. You will decide whether which app to be locked. If your friends use you mobile quite often and you don’t want them to read your messages, see FB notifications, photos, videos, etc. then lock the apps. Alternative: Go Locker


6. Screen Filter : While playing around with your phone at night, say browsing, you feel that phone’s brightness is excessive even at the lowest; Screen Filter will dim the brightness according to your requirements. A must have for night-readers or surfers.


7. SeePU : SeePU (lite version) tells you the condition of phone’s CPU/ RAM and Network graph in the notification bar. It can refresh the data every second, or every 5 second. While the paid version of the app can update the data every 0.5 sec. Some features of the app are reserved for the paid app but the lite version is decent enough.


8. Barcode Scanner : Barcode scanner app can scan bar codes and QR codes. Necessary because it is useful for accessing web links, adding contacts, navigate to maps, download apps, share files, etc. Alternative: Quickmark


9. Instagram : Like to click photos more often? There is no better place to share photos than Instagram. I hope you are aware about this popular photo sharing app which has recently been acquired by Facebook for $1b.


10. Go backup : This app backs up messages, contacts, and downloaded apps. Some features require root. Alternative: Titanium Backup


I may have missed some awesome must-have apps which I don’t even know. So please do remind me of those apps in comments.

By Anil

Anil is a tech blogger at WideFide. To know more about me or if you want to follow my latest updates, Follow me on twitter @TheOnlyAnil or Join me @ Facebook