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Nokia Lumia 900 Has The Strongest Mobile Display Glass

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This is what a gorilla glass on a mobile phone can do. Earlier we had covered the toughest camera – Canon 7D now its about a super strong display glass on a mobile phone. Nokia Lumia 900 is one of those lucky mobile phones who are equipped with world’s strongest display glass and that is Gorilla Glass by Corning.

nokia lumia 900 whiteAs shown in the above video, It can survive through being hammered on with the nails and even after ‘the display’ being used as a hammer and the display remains intact. Strange! Shocking! Weird! But true. The display was working well without any damage. If you remember, there used to be some Nokia mobiles which had the alternate use as stones 😛 (those 6610, 1100, 1200, etc and yeah, that one too which you are currently thinking of 😉 ) but they had tiny displays which could bear all those brutality.

Asus also tried the similar thing with their super strong tablet Eee Pad Transformer but they didn’t treat that as hammer. They uploaded a video (ASUS Transformer Scratch Test) on youtube and showed how awesome the gorilla glass on their tablet is. The cut the apple on the tablet as if its fruit cutting board.

Note: Do never try this with your mobile as it can incur some heavy expenses.

By Anil

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