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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Announced – Should You Buy One?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Press

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the latest line up in Note Series, was announced in UK today along with Note Edge (Project Youm, you remember?)

Well, talking about the design, the design looks like a blend of Note 3 and Galaxy S5. There aren’t any major changes in design except that metal band from Galaxy Alpha and Samsung decided to keep that faux lather on back cover.

In addition to Note 3, Note 4 features a fingerprint sensor, 16 MP camera, a slightly better CPU, more sensors (including heart rate sensor as seen in S5) and and and… Nothing much.


  • Fingerprint Sensor.
  • Camera can shoot larger images.
  • Quad HD display ( 515 ppi).
  • A slightly improved CPU – Snapdragon 805.
  • Adreno 430 GPU (Well, that’s great).
  • UV and SPO2 Sensor.


  • Thicker and Heavier at 8.5 mm and 176g respectively.
  • Sharper display means less battery back up.
  • No 64 GB variant.

Note 4 press image

Well, this was just a spec showdown of Pros and Cons. The real story is: Does this phone have anything exceptional? Yes it has but not much.

New features we haven’t already heard of: It’s just those 2 sensors. One is UV Sensor and other is SPO2 sensor. What is SPO2 sensor? Ans: It checks oxygen levels in blood. Is Samsung, day-by-day, adding medical equipments in its smartphones? Should I presume that in future, we’ll check our blood pressure and sugar levels through Samsung mobile?!

Rest, all other things Samsung is talking about has been seen by the world in previous Samsung (or non-Samsung) smartphones. S5 already has the fingerprint sensor so this is quite a common add-on for a premium mobile phone. 16 MP camera with image stabilisation is not a big deal these days, Sony Xperia phones have 20 MP cameras. LG G3 came with Snapdragon 805 CPU. Same old-schol Touchwiz makes the UI boring. That metal band around the edge was already featured in one newly announced smartphone (Guess which one!).

So the conclusion is if you already have a Note 3 or Galaxy S5, you should think twice before making a purchase. Note 3 had major improvements over Note 2 and it introduced many new features in the industry and the hype touched sky. Wish Samsung could do the justice with Note 4 as well.

By Anil

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