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One Feature of Android Mobile which PWNS iPhone

There are many features of Android which pwn iOS and vice versa. But There is one major feature in Android which is still not implemented in iOS (iPhone, iPad) and that is swipe keyboard functionality.

There are two android developers who have developed apps for swipe keyboards – SlideIT and Swype. Samsung Galaxy Series, by default, have Swype keyboard functionality in-built. If your phone doesn’t have this keyboard then you can download Swype from their site as its not available in Android Market.

Or the other ‘paid’ application, which I personally like and use, is SlideIT Keyboard from Dasur. You can see my novice review of this app here. Although the app also has a 15-days trial version which you can ‘try before buy’.

I have made a video of my mobile(xperia x10i) showing the SlideIT keyboard functionality in Android Mobiles which I found that it definitely beats the iOS devices and is a good addition to Android. Here you go.

One Feature of Android Mobile which PWNS iPhone – You Can’t Type Like This

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