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Review: Pressreader for Android and iOS

For a couple of days, I am reading newspapers and magazines on my mobile and tablet. And the best part is that I can read any country’s popular newspapers and magazines. All thanks to Pressreader for Android and iOS.

Though I have enough news apps on both mobile and tablet viz. Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, and Currents. I seldom read news on Zite and Currents, but Flipboard and Pulse are favorite ones. Now the latest addition is Pressreader. But it has its own demerit. It comes with a monthly subscription plan.

PressReader Review Screenshot

Those who want to read newspapers and magazines in the traditional or original style on their mobile device, Pressreader is the app they need. This app delivers 2000+ newspapers and magazines from all around the world.

Through this app, you get to read the exact print version of the newspaper/magazine delivered in PDF format. Because the newspapers are downloaded in PDF format, It consumes more data storage on the phone memory (or internal/external memory card depending on the device). But you have to sacrifice storage capacity to get quality. Quality is unquestionable.

I can finally read the original newspaper on my mobile and tablet without having to subscribe for paper-copy.

If you simply want to read the text version of any newspaper or magazine (English only) then you can tap on SmartFlow button. I have downloaded a few Hindi Newspapers and magazines to see whether how fast it deals with non-English subscriptions. But as I have written above that all the content pages are delivered in PDF format so the overall experience was same.

App UI

The user interface on mobile and tablet are kept different and if you notice the tablet version, the app looks quite a bit similar to iPad’s newsstand. Whereas on mobiles, the subscriptions are shown in a list. To zoom to a content, you can double-tap or pinch-to-zoomPressReader Review Screenshot wherever you please.

The UI is kept minimal and if you see on top, you will find sources and top stories button on the left side. Tapping on sources, you will be a prompt so select country of your choice and from there you can select to subscribe/download your favorite newspapers and magazines. I didn’t find the top stories button on Android mobile, but it’s there on iPad. Quite useless to me as I get to read top stories or anything like that on Flipboard, etc.

On the top-right you have two buttons viz settings and find. Tapping on “find button, you will see top stories again (strange) but tapping again on the search button will let you find publications. Plus it has quite a bunch of settings to customize including authorisation of your Pressreader account.

While reading a newspaper or a magazine, you can swipe through the screen to turn pages or pinch to zoom on content. On the iPad(tablet, to be specific), one-page reading is set to default but you can also opt out for two-page reading simultaneously. On mobile phones, keeping the small screens in mind, there’s only one-page reading. And according to me, one-page reading is quite sufficient.

Upon tapping on page numbers on the bottom, you can quickly jump over to any page by swiping the small thumbnails. Refer the image below.

PressReader Review Screenshot

Exceptional features

Features that make this app different from other newspaper reading apps:

  • It turns your mobile device into a full functioning newspaper/magazine.
  • All you see is the print version or call it mirrored or replica view. The real newspaper.
  • Auto-delivery of your favorite newspapers/magazines.
  • Listen to articles (using TTS)

I didn’t like

The monthly subscription plan. It could have been better if the app was FREE like Flipboard, pulse, etc. (maybe that’s why those apps are more popular). Or it could even be better if the app could be paid in the stores.


I loved every bit of the app as I can finally read the original newspaper on my mobile and tablet without having to subscribe for paper copy. And through this step, I am saving paper and environment 😉 Go green. The monthly subscription was something I didn’t like. But I am enjoying the trial version. Overall the app is a must-have for daily news readers. Go Green.

Tip: After downloading and installing the app, you get one day trial to download your favorite subscriptions. So dig the app and download all in one day. You can read the content even after your trial has ended.

By Anil

Anil is a tech blogger at WideFide. To know more about me or if you want to follow my latest updates, Follow me on twitter @TheOnlyAnil or Join me @ Facebook