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Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Everything You Need to Know

Samsung has finally launched a phone with metal body frame and ditched the highly cursed plastic chassis. Meet the all new Samsung Galaxy Alpha, with metal frame. But this metal body comes with some sacrifices, we will discuss them in this post too.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Press Image


1. Metal Frame: After a large number of plastic phones from Samsung, the company has finally launched a phone with metal frame. Unfortunately there’s not much change in its design. It still looks like a typical plastic Galaxy phone.

2. 12 MP Camera: Galaxy Alpha sports a 12 MP camera which can record Ultra HD or 4K videos along with Full HD and HD videos.

3. 32 GB Internal Storage and 2 GB RAM: 32 GB storage isn’t bad unless you want to have your movie library in phones. Support of USB OTG is still unknown. Though 2 GB RAM is enough to handle stressful tasks.

4. Fingerprint Sensor: Just like Galaxy S5, Alpha will have a fingerprint sensor too. Although the world knows that Samsung’s fingerprint sensor is still far away from Apple’s.

5. Very Slim at 6.7 mm: This phone is extremely very slim at just 6.7 mm thinness. Also, light-weight at just 115 grams.


1. No Full HD Display: Today’s high-end smartphones are having Full HD displays and even 4K displays (LG G3), and Samsung fan boys will have to scrape the barrel with this only.

2. No MicroSD card slot: Disappointing for users like me who aren’t satisfied with internal storage. It could have been awesome if they gave us liberty to expand storage.

3. Nano Sim: This could be a problem for a lot of people. In case your sim is mini or micro, don’t get it cut by a sim-cutting tool. Go to your mobile network service centre and ask for a nano sim. They’ll provide you a sim for your number at nominal charge without much delay.

It’s always better to have a nano sim and sim adapters, So you can transform nano sim into micro/mini sim easily.

By Anil

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