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Samsung Galaxy SII Not Booting? Here’s the Solution

Samsung Galaxy S2 not booting up

Galaxy S2 not  starting / booting? This happened with me yesterday when I was updating Galaxy SII (official update OTA) and after few updates, when the phone was booting up, It stuck at galaxy logo (Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100G) and I had no idea what to do next.

Yes, the mistake was with Samsung‘s update as the ROM is official one not the custom one. And Samsung’s PC suite (Kies) is totally useless. Unlike iTunes, it cannot solve the issues with phone when its turned off or not booting up. I had to find the solution on my own, I kept searching and found the methods to solve the boot error with Galaxy S II.

If you ever stuck up in a situation like this, try these three methods in sequence. First of all, perform a soft reset(read below) which will least probably solve the issue and without deleting your personal data. If the issue wasn’t solved with soft reset then there are chances that Hard reset will do. If the hard reset didn’t even work then you need to re-install the firmware using Odin.

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy Device?

  • Take out the battery.
  • Reinsert the battery.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

That’s soft reset. This doesn’t cause any data wipe but this will delete temporary files which you should not worry about. If your device doesn’t load after this, try hard reset.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Device?

  • Switch off the device.
  • Press and hold Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key.
  • After 2-3 seconds, release the Power Key.
  • You will enter boot screen, Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset.
  • Select Yes.

This will delete all the files including apps, personal data stored in phone memory. Don’t worry it doesn’t wipe off the SD Card so you should make a backup of your files stored in phone memory. If the device doesn’t boot even after hard reset then there’s some critical issue with phone’s ROM. You need to re-install the firmware, read below to know how.

How to Re-Install Official Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Device?

You have to perform this task using Odin, not with Samsung Kies even if you didn’t install custom ROM. Samsung Kies won’t allow you to re-install the firmware on the device which is turned off /cannot be turned off. Doing this with Odin is simply very easy as you just have to follow the instructions below (From and thanks to XDA-Devs).

Download these required files first


  1. Pull out the battery and reinsert.
  2. Press and Hold Volume Down + Home + Power Button until you see a warning!!
  3. Press Volume Up button.
  4. Your device will now enter the download mode.
  5. Connect your phone to the PC.
  6. Let it install some drivers.
  7. Open Odin and click on PIT
  8. Select that .PIT file you downloaded.
  9. Check the box – Re-partition and Click Start.
  10. After the successful attempt to re-partition the device, Flash with new firmware (which you downloaded from SamMobile)
  11. Browse the downloaded firmware to the PDA section in Odin.
  12. Don’t check the re-partition box this time.
  13. Click Start and wait patiently.
  14. Done! Now your device should start.
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