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Samsung makes fun of Apple iPhone 5 in its new Galaxy S3 Video Ad

You might have heard that Samsung had been penalised $1b for Apple’s patent infringements. And Samsung is seeking for a better verdict in higher court. Okay, That’s the old news and everyone including the kids in our homes know this news (probably) and I won’t bore you explaining this.

After a few weeks of court’s verdict and a few days of Apple iPhone 5 announcement, Samsung made a new commercial for Samsung Galaxy S3 which deliberately makes fun of the newly launched iPhone 5. Here’s the video:

Video in brief: The video was uploaded on 19th sept (by SamsungUSA channel) and as on today, after just one day, the video has gone viral. In just one day, the video has been viewed more than a million times. And has been liked by the masses.

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In the video, the guys did not name iPhone 5 in general but the way they are discussing and comparing iPhone 5 with SGS3 even a kid can understand what device they are talking about. I agree to the points(comparing iPhone 5 with SGS3) raised by Samsung in the video and yes, SGS3 is indeed superior to iPhone 5. But this aggressiveness is just not done. And Samsung should be ready to face the negativity from Apple fanboys now.

Also, A few days ago, Samsung released SGS3’s new poster ad comparing iPhone 5 with Galaxy S3. And the poster is:

Samsung Ad - iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 - Poster

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