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Why Ski Safari is the Best Time Killer Game for Android and iOS

Ski Safari Android Game Starts

Ski Safari had recently launched for Android (after being successful for iOS). And believe me, This is one of those games which I can play any time, and the one which I can recommend to everyone.

At first I thought it to be similar to Moon chaser and somehow it is similar. But It’s far better, Now I can happily uninstall moon chaser.  Awesome user interface, and simple-to-play controls and endless fun makes this game a must-have for your pocket device. And I like to play this game more than Shadowgun, Asphalt, Robo defence, Minecraft, etc. because the games like these entertain me the most. And are enough to entertain a mobile gamer.

Why recommended over all those big-name games? You can play this game endlessly, the game is cheap ($0.99), has no in-app purchases, Superb graphics, easy-to-play, and last but not the least – Size zero app (Just 24 MB on android and 37 on iOS). Tip: Use your left thumb/finger while playing so that you can see the coming hurdles on the right side.


  • Challenges (It makes the game more interesting)
  • Costumes, Power ups, and Gizmos
  • Easy to play, Awesome rich graphics
  • Time Killer

Gameplay: You have to survive avalanches (but at the end, you can’t) and meanwhile you will meet a few animals, birds, rockets which will help you run faster. You can also change Sven’s cloths in the shop and buy gizmos for him. To buy anything in game you have to collect the coins during the gameplay. The best part, No In-App purchases.

Story: Sven is in deep sleep and hit by avalanches and now Sven (You) have to stay ahead of avalanches. Run fast, catch penguins, ride yetis, fly eagles, ride rockets. Ride all them and complete the family. You get to earn points when you travel more, complete challenges, do stunts. While writing this review I played the game once and scored 417668 1084089 and that’s my current highest. What’s your highest score? Be real 🙂

Review: 5/5 Highly recommended. A must-have for your pocket device. Enjoyment guaranteed.

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Ski Safari - Defiant Development

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By Anil

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