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Capture Someone Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone – Tasker Tutorial

Note: This tutorial works with rooted Android phones with Tasker app installed.

Want to know who tries to unlock your phone when you are away? Yes?


Install Tasker app now and follow this tutorial. If you don’t know what is Tasker then let me introduce it for you.

What is Tasker? Tasker is an app which automates your device without boundaries. You can automate tasks without installing 3rd party tools. e.g. You want to turn on GPS only when you use specific apps (Maps, Camera or any), You can tell Tasker to turn GPS ON when you open Maps and Turn it OFF when exiting Maps.

That was a very easy-to-setup task for Tasker. Let’s come to our topic. You need to ensure these things before proceeding further.


How to:

  • Open Tasker and create a Profile.
  • Tap on “+“, Select State from the menu.
  • Select Plugin > “Secure Settings“.
  • Tap on Pen icon near “Configuration“.
  • Select “Failed Login Attempts” under Conditions.
  • Write “2” (number of your choice). Check “Device admin enabled“.
  • Save and go back.
  • Create a new task (You will automatically be prompted to do this). Name it.
  • Create an action. Select “Media“, select “Take Photo“.
  • Set camera to “Front“, Write Filename of your choice (FailedLogin, preferred).
  • Naming sequence: Chronological.
  • Check “Insert in Gallery” and “Discreet“.
  • You can set image resolution of your choice.
  • Done!

Now it will take a photo whenever a wrong password is entered without notifying the trespasser. NOTE: Do take care of auto-kill apps (e.g. Clean master, 360 degree clean, etc.); Add Tasker and Secure Settings to ignore list. Enjoy!

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