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How to Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Wireless Mouse using Mobile Mouse App – Android, iOS

Mobile Mouse Lite

How about using your mobile phone’s touchscreen as a touch-pad mouse? Good idea! Not new as we already had(still have) bluetooth mouse for symbian(not that great though). This time it’s got better and beautiful for Android and iOS users.

Mobile Mouse Lite/Pro : Available in two versions, Mobile mouse is the app which turns your smartphone into a full-fledged touch mouse over WiFi. Heavenly for the presenters as they don’t have to carry a remote while presenting slideshows. And a lifesaver when your computer’s mouse runs out of battery.

As I already said that its available in two versions – Lite and Pro; Lite one has lesser features but will satisfy all your needs(probably). Pro version is paid and has more additional features like accelerometer based mouse controller, remote controls, sleep/wake PC, etc.


  • Windows: XP, Vista, 7 (32/64 bit)
  • Mac: OS X 10.5+
  • Linux: Ubuntu
  • Mobile Phone: Android 2.1+ | iOS 3.2+ iPhone/iPad.

How to do it?

  1. Download and Install Mobile Mouse Lite/Pro app on your Android/iOS device (links below).
  2. Download and install server app for PC, Mac or Linux; which is required for pairing your mobile and PC.
  3. Now pair the device with PC, either it will do automatically or its just a “less than 30 sec” task.
  4. Woah! You have connected your mobile as a mouse to your computer.

Download Links:

Server App: Windows, Mac, Linux

Mobile: Android, iOS

Mobile Mouse Demo Video

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