These are the Upcoming Xiaomi Products, listed on Flipkart

Currently, Flipkart is selling Mi3 out of Xiaomi products and the phone is being sold like hot cup cakes. Flipkart and Xiaomi have plans to launch more products in India including two new mobile phones and a few accessories.

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Today, Flipkart notified users about the availability of Mi3’s flip cover and Mi screen guard and along with that, on the bottom of the page, they listed a few upcoming Xiaomi accessories and their price. Accidentally?

Xiaomi Accessories on Flipkart list

Mi Power bank will be priced at a very cheap price on Flipkart and it’s expected to go out of stock as soon as Flipkart launches it. Or Flipkart may want you to preorder it. Getting 10000 mAh power bank at this price (Rs. 999) is a good deal. The cheapest Power bank of this capacity you can buy right now costs more than Rs. 2500. So if you are looking forward to buy a power bank, wait for this one.

Do you see the 4th product in the list? It’s “Mi Back Cover“, designed for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. So this means that Redmi 1S is coming soon. Piston earphones from Xiaomi is priced at Rs. 999.

Why are Xiaomi products listed at low-pricing? Watch this video by Bharat Nagpal from iGyaan, He breaks down the pricing of Mi3 in a very easy way.

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