Computer Gadgets

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon – The Table-top Windows 8 Tablet-cum-PC

Lenovo has introduced its first “interpersonal PC” which is said to be a hybrid desktop-tabletop, at CES, Las Vegas. The giant 27inch Horizon is just hard to ignore. Remember the old Microsoft Windows Surface 1.0 which was announced in late 2007 with a 30 inch screen? having resolution of 1024×768 pixels and was placed in […]

Computer Gadgets

Tobii Rex – Eye-Tracking Computer Interface Kit for Windows 8

Do you feel that guiding the cursor on your computer monitor or laptop display takes some effort of yours? Here’s an exciting gadget for you. Now you can interact with your computer using your eyes. No, seriously. Now you may scroll up and down a page, open apps, browse maps using your eyes. wow! Yes […]


PaperTab – Flexible e-Paper Tablet, Unveiled at CES 2013

PaperTab is one of its kind tablet. It’s a tablet with flexible display and that flexibility of its display has its own innovative features. It’s a black and white tablet which has e-Ink display, just like Amazon Kindle. In PaperTab, each app is a tablet. After seeing this tablet, we can presume that future tablets […]

Facebook Social Media

How to Hide Relationship Status on Facebook

Do you want to show your “relationship status” to some specific friends or list of friends? Or you just want to hide it from some friends/ everyone, You just need to follow some super simple steps. It’s easy. To hide relationship status, first move to your facebook profile by going here. Click on “Update Info”. […]

Mobile Mobile Phones

The Top 10 Mobile Phones of 2012

The year 2012 has ended and we had seen tons of mobile phones that year. From Android to Windows Phones, innovation was everywhere. Though iOS 6 disappointed but is still a good OS and we hope we will see betterment in the year 2013. In this post we will discuss the top 10 mobile phones […]

Computer Gaming

Valve Steam Box Coming Soon – New Age Gaming Console

The VALVE STEAM BOX first came into rumors in March this year with a potential bringing of a gaming console wholly and purely by Valve. The hardware was expected to be based on the Alienware X51(a subsidiary company of Dell providing form factor small gaming CPU’s) but after that, nothing special about this mysterious gaming […]

Android Gaming Mobile

How to Get Ingress Activation Code?

I have been reading your comments on my newest video (Ingress Gameplay). Many of you asked me to share the activation key, and some of you asked me tell how to get ingress code and above all, You have dropped your email IDs in comments so that I could invite you as ‘agent’ in game. […]

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BlackBerry Z10 – Leaked Pictures of BB OS10 Device

BlackBerry 10 L-Series handset has been snapped again. RIM’s upcoming BB10 handset was previously leaked showing the L-Series handset but at that time nothing was so special. This time, there are a few leaked pictures of BB10 L-Series handset. Image credits: Tinhte, Vietnam This leak of BB10 handset has given a proper picture about the much […]


How to Make Money Online by Ethical Means

Yes, you can earn money online by using your computer or laptop. I am NOT going to talk about affiliate marketing, taking a survey to make money, making reports, writing summaries of websites or anything like that. There are several ways to make money online and they are categorised in two broad categories. Ethical and unethical. Well, […]

Social Media

How To Make Instagram Photos Superhit Using Tags

Are you on Instagram? Do you want to get more likes on your photos? Then you need to read this article. Recently, I have discovered some tags(actually an app) which can get 70+ likes in less than 5 minutes. Although I used to tag photos appropriately before but now, for fun and “likes”, I play with my […]