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Black Friday Deals are LIES. Comes from an ex Retail Chain Employee


An ex-employee of a retail chain explains how the Black Friday or any such day deals are lies. Basically, people want to buy a lot of things on such occasions as there’s a huge price fall. But this comes at a price, and that’s from your pocket.

This story comes from a reddit user 15PercentMoreBanana. Here’s the full excerpt.

I’ve worked a few major chains in my life, and in every company Black Friday is the biggest day of the year. People rush stores and act like idiots to get a deal.

Everyone knows that every major chain gets special Black Friday shipments of the big sale items to make sure they are stocked up. What most people don’t know is that most retail chains ship “Black Friday versions” of the sale items which are more cheaply made and lower quality.

For example, if you’re looking at a laptop it’ll have make and model like, ABC Company H75-32. The Black Friday version will be something along the lines of ABC Company H75-32A. It’ll be lower quality, but usually in ways you can’t see from the outside.

Same thing for the TVs, appliances, even toys. Keep your wits about you shoppers. That extra $50 off might come back to haunt you.

How about India’s eCommerce deals?

The post seems genuine and it’s equally applicable to India’s Great Indian Shopping festivals and Flipkart’s Big Billion day sales as well. This raises questions about their quality of products sold in those days. We need some employees from India eCommerce sites to post such harsh truth on social media too. Or let’s wait for the official statements from Flipkart and Amazon.

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