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How To Enable Facebook Timeline – Complete Tutorial

You may have heard about the new facebook profile timeline after the f8 event and some of your friends may have enabled that too. Still waiting for a complete tutorial? Then you are at right place. You need to make a facebook developer account(you don’t need to make/develop any app actually). Its a very easy process which takes around 4-5 minutes. This is how your profile will look after enabling the new timeline feature.

Watch the Video Tutorial at the end of the post.

How to Enable:

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Access Facebook Developer Apps Page
  • If you are new to facebook developer, then it will ask you to grant access. Allow.
  • Create a new app

  • Write App Display Name and App Name Space

    Write your own App Display Name and App Namespace
  • Write CAPTCHA Code
  • Click on “Open Graph” – Left Sidebar
  • Write any keywords in the two boxes. See the example below
  • Click on get started and Follow the steps there on.
  • Open your facebook profile after 1 minute and it will ask you for get started
  • Enjoy!
New facebook profile timeline is in developer mode currently because it may show bugs(not necessarily). Mine is working quite well. Only you and your friends(who have enabled timeline) can see this. So get started and enjoy the new profile look before your friends. Like us on Facebook.
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This is my current timeline enabled profile. See the overall picture where cover photo and profile pic are blended.

By Anil

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