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Facebook Changed Your Primary Email Address, Here’s What To Do

Facebook Changed Your Email Address to @Facebook.comFacebook has recently changed your email address to the one which you may have never used and not even willing to use. It has changed the mail address to <username> and hid your previous primary email address from Contact info.

Quite disgusting for those who have not set their vanity username for Facebook profiles, their email IDs look like “” and people who have already set the username for profile got that as email ID.

By default, Facebook has set your email ID shown to public. Which may end up getting spam messages. So you need to modify the settings so that its visible to the users you want to. You can leave it as it is if you want to keep it shown to public.

Here’s What to do if you want to make FB Email Address Private.

  • Open your FB Profile page.
  • Mouse over to Contact info and click edit.
  • Now change’s privacy setting from Public to Friends or Custom.
    Facebook Email Address Changed. Modify Settings
  • In case if you want your ‘previous’ primary email address to be shown to friends or public, just do as shown above. Note: It’s “hidden from timeline”, you have to make it “shown on timeline”.

What’s the use of having this email address?

There is not much use of having Facebook email ID, if someone sends the mail to that email address that falls in “Other” section of messages which we do not even get notified. Plus, If we want users to send mails to us, we already have Gmail, Yahoo, etc. On Facebook, users can simply message us.

Good Thing: Its not like there’s everything evil about it. Suppose you have someone’s Facebook Mail ID and you want to message them on facebook via mail. What you have to do is, Mail them with the Primary email ID(which you have used for Facebook) so that the message is shown to the receiver in Facebook messages (for quick access as people keep FB open more than Mails.

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