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How to Send Message to Facebook Users Anonymously

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Update: This doesn’t work now as Facebook has updated their messaging platform. I am still proud to tell that I discovered this method and used it. If I knew about Facebook’s bounty program, I would have earned a few hundred dollars.

Yes, Its true that you can send messages to another Facebook users anonymously and can be played best as a prank rather than doing it evil. For the time being, I was busy in creating a web tool which can send mails anonymously to anyone on the web. And it can send messages to Facebook users as well. Let me explain.

Send Message on Facebook Anonymously

In the above picture, You can see that Nick Bilton(Columnist at NYTimes) sent me a message. But this was not sent by him, Actual sender is me. On the other note, Nick Bilton’s account was not hijacked or H4CK3D.

You can see those two little icons near “A few seconds ago“; The first one tells that the message was sent via mail (as facebook allows you to send messages to facebook users via your email address) and the other one, which looks like an alert sign, signifies that Facebook was unable to confirm “Nick Bilton” as the sender. So the receiver(Target) can easily get to know that it wasn’t the real message.

How to do it?

You need to know two things. First, Sender’s Facebook login e-mail address and receiver’s Facebook email address. To make you understand it better let’s call Sender as Victim and Receiver as Target. In the above image, victim is Nick Bilton and Target is ME.

  1. Victim’s Facebook e-mail address: Getting to know a Facebook user’s primary email address is difficult and quite impossible to an extent. You have to have an idea of what can be his/her primary mail address.
    In the above picture, I had to guess the primary mail ID of him which was quite simple actually. His Facebook username is “nickbilton” so I added and got that right.
    Note: If you don’t know anyone’s primary email address, then it won’t work.
  2.  Target’s Facebook e-mail address: It’s an easy part of the story. You can get any Facebook user’s FB mail ID right from his vanity username. e.g. If a person’s Facebook profile link is; then most-probably the FB mail address is
  • Now go to Mail Tool (Still under development).
    BlogSoc Mail Tool Screenshot 
  • Fill the details i.e. From (Victim’s mail), To (Target’s mail), and Message (Your message).
  • Now click on send.

If it sends the message it will show the message “Thank You! Your mail has been sent.”; If it fails, it will return with an error.

This tool was actually intended for sending bulk/html mails and not for evil purposes so don’t play it in another way. Casual pranks are a good way of fooling around with friends 😉 Enjoy!

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By Anil

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