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Facebook Ticker is Playing With Your Privacy

This article resembles my opinion about Facebook’s news ticker shown right above the online friends.

In my opinion, It isn’t a good idea to let our friends get to know your activities on FB (like what and where are you liking, commenting or sharing). Though whatever we share can already be controlled in privacy settings but we can’t stop people to look at our likes and comments in FB news Ticker.

So who can see your likes and comments? Its all our friends! All your FB friends can see where you comment (or like the status, photo or any link) unless privacy is set on the original post. Suppose if you are commenting on a friend’s post who has shared the post with his friends only, then only mutual friends can see that on news ticker. Other friends cannot see that.

Now if you comment on a Facebook page (which mostly shares public updates) then all your friends are going to see the comment. Sad, isn’t it? Facebook is playing with our privacy, why would we want to show our friends whether what and where are we commenting on? As you can see in the image(reference) , I and Dany are friends & Dany commented on Adnan’s photos (Note: Adnan isn’t in my friends list). So won’t Dany mind others(including me) seeing whatever she’s commented on other person’s photo?

Even if you are using the stealth privacy settings, ticker will still show all your activities (comments, likes on public posts) to all your friends. And there is no way to stop this (at least till today).

FB ticker - snapWhat I have found throughout Facebook help center is that If you set privacy to your posts, say you want your post to be seen only by your friends. Now if one of your friend comments/like your post, only your mutual friends will see this activity in ticker but wait. Most of us have liked hundreds of Facebook pages including celebrities, brands, etc. And If you are going to do anything on those pages (Like, comment, post, share, etc.); All your friends will see that activity. In short, You can’t completely disable this feature. Means, There is no ‘real’ privacy on Facebook. See this post on Facebook help center where it’s avoiding the real point.

Lets see how many of you want facebook to take down Ticker. Vote below.

By Anil

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