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Future of Glass: A Day Made Of Glass – Corning

15 hours ago, Corning uploaded the all new view of A Day Made of Glass on Youtube, which is exactly very similar to its first video uploaded one year ago. Well this can be said as the future of glass. Corning is the company which makes the most durable, scratch-free Gorilla Glass for many leading brands. Probably you are having a mobile phone which has a gorilla glass i.e. some Samsung galaxy mobiles.

The First Video shows how a day will be with the help of Glass, features Photovoltaic Glass, LCD TV Glass, Architectural Display Glass, Architectural Surface Glass, Appliance Veneer Glass, Handheld Display Glass, Automotive Display Glass, Automotive Design Glass, Large-Format Display Glass, All weather surface glass, Wall Format Display Glass, Work Surface Display Glass, Electronics Ready Glass, Large Pane Display Glass, Flexible Display Glass, 3D TV Glass, Portable Display Glass.

The Second Video (new one) shows the similar things in new way plus they have added some new additions which can easily be noted. The second video “A Day Made of Glass 2” features Handheld Display Glass, Electrochromic Glass, Architectural Display Glass, Automotive Display Glass, Automotive Design Glass, Photo voltaic Glass, Wall-Format Display Glass, Work Surface Display Glass, Specialty Tablet Glass, Glass Optical Fiber, Anti Microbial Glass, 3D Optimized Glass Components, All Weather Surface Glass, Transparent Display Glass, 3D TV Display Glass, Fiber Optic Lighting.

From the above two videos, its clear that the future is definitely made of glass on which we totally depend on today too. Mobiles, TV, Computers and even your Mirror 😉 Note: Nothing is Impossible.

Bonus Video: A Day Made of Glass 2 Unpacked

By Anil

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