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From the launch of the new timeline, people are struggling hard to get the best timeline cover photo among their friends. But wait, you can shock your friends by showing out these “custom made” timeline covers. The image shown below will refer you better what I am talking about.

Custome FB Profile Picture merging Cover Photo

Wait! You can make this kind of FB timeline cover in a snap

I created this cover photo blending the profile pic and cover photo using Adobe Photoshop within half an hour. You need to be very precise doing it in PS. What you need to do is strip the profile picture from an image (cover photo) of resolution 850 x 360 pixels and crop the 125 x 125 px profile photo from bottom-left (30 px from left and 25 from bottom). After cropping, resize the image to 180 x 180 pixel because FB won’t except photos lower than this resolution. Now upload the profile pic and cover photo.

Found it hard? Here’s the Easy Step.

  • Open TrickedOutTimeline.
  • Get Started and select the cover photo type.
  • If you want cover photo like the image shown above, click on “Merge Profile & Cover Photo”
  • Now upload any image (resolution no bar)
  • Download the cover photo and profile pic.
The disadvantage of trickedouttimeline is that you have to like the facebook page before downloading the cover photo and profile pic otherwise it won’t show up the download links. One more demerit is that it will add their URL in the cover photo at top-right side. If you don’t want their promotional link in your private fb profile cover pic then create it in photoshop 😉
There are more options available at TrickedoutTimeline. Refer the images shown below
Profile Pic Merged in Cover Photo

Profile Pic Merged in Cover Photo

Cover Photo by TrickedOutTimeline

Combining profile photos

Cover Photo by TrickedOutTimeline

Zooming into the pixels

Cover Photo by TrickedOutTimeline

Where am I ? 😉

Cover Photo by TrickedOutTimeline

Tear up the cover photo

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