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Has Facebook Removed “People Who Inspire You” Section? Or The Philosophy Section?

It looks like that facebook has removed the “people who inspired you” section from their new timeline. I was looking for this section in my profile, but it appeared nowhere. Then I kept on searching web about this news, hooked at facebook blog and found nothing. Actually, Facebook has removed the complete Philosophy Section from user profiles without even notifying the users. Earlier, Facebook had removed Discussion and Review Tabs from Pages (At the time they had mentioned about it in blog post).

Its really bad on facebook’s part that they are moderating and altering user profiles according to their own liking. They should know that each and every person has their own liking and these things should be removed with a prior notice atleast so that there is no confusion to the user that where has “that” section gone.

This is the way we used to edit facebook profiles earlier. Click the image below.

Update: Facebook has the “Inspirational People” in the profile. Follow the Video below. Thanks @Aryavrit

By Anil

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