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How To Enable And Disable Facebook Subscribers – VIDEO

I have made and uploaded few useful videos on youtube, two of them are about facebook subscribers. Some people, who have recently got the timeline feature, may not be using the new subscriber feature as it is, by default, not available for all and some people got it by default. And some people want to disable this feature as they feel discomfort in sharing their updates with everyone. So Here you go:

How to Enable Subscriber Button on Facebook Profile

If you haven’t got the subscribe button to your facebook profile, then follow the instructions shown in the video to enable the subscribe feature. It will let people(public) to subscribe to your public posts.

How to Disable Facebook Susbscribers

If you don’t want the subscribe feature of facebook and you want to know how to disable it/ remove the subscribe button from your facebook profile, follow the instructions shown in the video.

It may be very annoying for some people who have enabled subscribe button to their profile and their ALL facebook updates are public, and everyone are commenting on them. This is the tutorial for u guys. Enjoy!

By Anil

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